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Morningstar Design Company Profile

Morningstar Design is a professional web & graphic design firm, established in 1998 by Christine M. Lemay and Chad E. Kopcak.

A key feature of the design process is the involvement of the client through each phase of the project; starting with the first meeting, continuing with the designs review and wrapping up with the client’s final approval of the project. At Morningstar Design, we take the time to answer your questions, and are very clear about the project’s estimate.

That is what we are here for…to help you, taking your individual goals in mind! Not only do we strive for excellence in creativity and design, we are willing to take that extra step to help you successfully develop your project.

Meet The Team

Christine Lemay

Lead Designer

Christine is well-versed in a variety of projects, including both commercial and institutional websites, such as those involved in planning, real estate, lodging, food services, publishing, art, retail and wholesale. Christine is very knowledgeable with  HTML, CSS, ASP/Database driven pages, PHP, WordPress, Squarespace, shopping carts, forms, image maps, and incorporating CGI, JavaScripts and applets. In her spare time, Christine is an avid runner and enjoys woodworking.

Chad Kopcak


Chad has a firm working knowledge of all aspects of HTML and employs a variety of JavaScripts.  He has experience with database driven pages, such as ASP (Active Server Pages) and PHP. Chad’s graphical skills include working with bitmap and vector based graphics, animations, designing for web or for print and logo development. When he’s not coding, Chad goes on adventures, such as zip-lining or snowboarding.

Michelle Lemay


Michelle develops both commercial and non-profit websites, and particularly enjoys creating sites for local businesses and working on photography portfolios and slideshows. Michelle has experience with several CMS, such as WordPress and Squarespace, and also gets excited by starting with a blank canvas to design custom websites with HTML & CSS. When not plugged in, Michelle devours books and likes to knit warm things.

Key Services

Website Creation

Design makes things more than beautiful; form and function combine to create products that are easy to understand and fun to use. Design engages people, and is essential to all business. With over a dozen years experience in graphic design and web development, we have the answers to your individual needs.

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SEO Improvement

We help optimize your website so it is found by search engines using the best practices accepted by Google (and other search engines). SEO is essential to your online presence, and will certainly help increase your website traffic.

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Mobile Strategy

Already have a website, but need to make it mobile friendly? We can help. Mobile devices currently represent over 20% of all web browsing, and that figure is increasing every year.

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Our Satisfied Clients

Community Non-profit

Highfield Hall

Website Features: custom graphics, interactive calendar, and event registration
Financial Services

The Trio Company

Website Features: custom graphics, responsive, full width, cms
Non-profit land trust

Salt Pond Areas Bird Sanctuaries, Inc.

Website Features: responsive, full width banners, newsletter sign-up, membership payments
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